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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are a Bad Superhero

(submitted by HeathJ)

10. You got your powers from swallowing Pop Rocks and drinking a Coke. (Gator!)
9. Every time the action gets too intense you have to use your inhaler. (PK PRO!)
8. You fail to defeat "Dr. Fluffy Wimp-a-lot". (JimmyH)
7. Not even Zan and Jana, the Wonder Twins, will hang out with you. (Warlok)
6. The Metropolis city council keeps steering you to help The Department of Public Works. (Strat)
5. You've been charged for *excessive and indecent use* of X-ray vision. (*Yorick* the original jester)
4. Every time you drink a little too much, you convince innocent drunks they can also jump off the side of a building and fly back up again. (Wolfbane)
3. You abuse your powers of invisibility by spending most of your time hanging out in the girls high school locker room. (malcolmz)
2. Super Heros should use their powers to fight for Justice, and you barely use yours for Shopping. (Little john)
1. Your costume is made of baby seal skin and elephant tusk. (Strat)

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