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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least Popular College Classes

(submitted by moepontiac)

10. Toenail Fungus 331: Field study (QMan)
9. Advanced pseudodynamic polymolecular metahydrolic ecohabituary physics: 410 (Thor)
8. Economics 201: Alumni cars and cash payments (TheRob)
7. Philosopshy without Hemp 101 (k.a)
6. Biology 461: Infectious Deseases, a Hands-On Approach (lefty)
5. Sobriety and Abstinence in Western Culture (thx1138)
4. Conundrums 101: Why did you choose this class that meets at 8 am? (Bloodbond)
3. Math 405: Introduction to Ridiculously Hard Equations Invented by some German dude 300 years ago. (Fluff)
2. Calculus with Roman numerals (Pertinax)
1. Art 1563: A study of the 75-95 year old body. (natedawg, Erotic Frank)

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