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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Date is a Muppet

(submitted by moepontiac)

10. Date exhibits unusually high degree of banjo-playing ability (msjulianne)
9. He seem pre-occupied with counting and individual letters of the alphabet. (Laffman)
8. Every time you glance at him, he's wearing a different nose. (starWill)
7. His cologne smells oddly like Febreeze. (Bloodbond)
6. Everywhere you go there are two grumpy old men heckling you. (Bloodbond, rorschak, Chris, germination)
5. You double date with two of her friends... one is a chicken and the other is... blue (bigal3)
4. She's always asking if you have a big bird. (Loy Agbayani of P4 QC)
3. Those annoying lint balls you keep coughing up everytime you makeout (Artist Formerly Known As Princess, JDAii)
2. In your dinner conversation it's always "Kermit this and Kermit that." (kk)
1. Your date asks you to repeat everything because the muppeteer can't hear from under the table. (wakka)

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