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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Bob Costas' Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. "Who the hell is Bob Costas?" (k.a (well, who is he?))
9. Discovering the camera caught him during the Chicken Dance. (HRA)
8. When people whose names he cannot pronounce win the gold. (Mr. Bubble)
7. Having to come up with creative banter during the distance runs. (gocubs)
6. All this time he thought that Foster's was Australian for everything, but when he got to Sydney, he found out it was just beer. (Fosters: It's Not Austailian for Anything)
5. (number 5 will be tape delayed) (subcommandante blackhog)
4. Always served wrong color wine with his BBQ kangaroo dinner. (Radiodude)
3. Getting sports-related ties every *frickin* father's day. (Clingerpratt)
2. Tom Brokaw never says hi back to him in the halls. (natedawg)
1. NBC suits' constant, stupid "How much does Bob Costas" jokes. (HotMamaJ)

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