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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons He Gave in to Sam and Ate the Green Eggs and Ham

(submitted by Light Warrior)

10. After running from Sam the whole book. he got hungry!. (Bloodbond)
9. Dr. Seuss promised if he ate the stuff, the book would finally end and Sam would go away. (sam let me be)
8. He was in the middle of the ocean with a fox, a goat, a mouse, a wooden crate, and a locomotive. It seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time. (Ilsoap)
7. Promise of $1,000,000 if he survived. (TheRob)
6. It was that box. He always wanted to eat in a box. Especially with a fox. Especially with a fox named Fred, to be specific, but that detail didn't make it in the final edit because it didn't rhyme. (Laffman)
5. He realized that green really brought our the color in his eyes. (Bloodbond)
4. The incriminating photos that Sam had of him and the not-quite-legal-age who from whoville (inthedark, ScReWeD iN dAh HeAd)
3. He finally found the green ketchup to go with them. (marimbamama)
2. He claims a large cat wearing a red and white hat told him to. (Steve Weiss)
1. The look in Sam-I-Am's eye that said "I will get a great big gun. I will shoot you just for fun." (Laffman)

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