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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Documentaries You'll Never See

(submitted by Zubair)

10. Making of the Top Ten list. A study in comedy. (lonelyto25)
9. The Secret Life Of Maggots (Wolfbane)
8. Urinal Mints: The Untold Story (chris billinger)
7. Sloths: Nature's Little Rascals (GC3)
6. Behind the Music: Amish Heavy Metal (Arch)
5. Television Censorship: The Uncensored Story (Maniac Bob)
4. When Animals Ignore, Part 2 (k.a)
3. Seeing Orange: A Trip to the Orange Cone Factory (Slowpoke)
2. The Making of this Documentary, a Study of Recursion (DocStrangelove)
1. Sex, drugs, and polka! A polkumentry of an on tour polka band (k.a)

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