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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Questions Not To Ask at a Presidential Debate

(submitted by Steve Weiss)

10. Sally has 7 apples. If she eats 1, she will have twice as many apples as Joan. How many apples does Joan have? (Maniac Bob)
9. If you were to auction yourself on Ebay, how much do you think you would go for? How about your opponent? (theopholis)
8. Would you ever consider renaming the Oval Office to the Elliptical Office to be more mathematically correct? (Ilsoap)
7. Mr. Gore, could you please explain your lockbox plan again? (What the DILLY-O?!)
6. Gentlemen, which one of you is more humble? (Bob Clemmons)
5. Who are you gonna vote off the island? (Last Minute Thinker)
4. Why are listening to the two of you when there are four other candidates available AND a baseball game on channel 4? (Warlok)
3. I've been evading taxes for years now. Can you promise I'll be able to continue to do that? (fluffy mcmoo)
2. Any cute interns this year? (Arch)
1. Is that your final answer? (Steve Weiss)

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