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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Snack Foods That Didn't Make It Past the FDA

(submitted by malletechboy)

10. Greasy Metal Rods (Strat)
9. Glass'ums - The yummy candy sprinkled with cruchy translucent shards (DA maNA)
8. Sour Cream-and-Lead Paint Chips (Captain Cupcake)
7. Bit O' Tungsten (Warlok)
6. Hemlock Chips with Olestra (Tristan)
5. Rusty-O's, the iron-rich snack food with that spiky crunch! (Waldo)
4. Squirrel Rinds (Rear Admiral)
3. Chock full o' nuts and bolts (El Barton)
2. troutycakes- the individually packaged lake trout with a gooey chewy candy center! (DA maNA)
1. Speedies- the caffinated cereal with amphedamine frosting (lefty)

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