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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Addicted to Online Gaming

(submitted by MPig Freak)

10. You're in a dark alley, a seven feet man is about to kill you, and you're thinking "Damn. I'll just restart and remember not to sleep with his wife next time." (Dizzy XIII)
9. You and your spouse start referring to one another as "Player One" and "Player Two." (Arch)
8. When asked "" you say "Nah. Pings too high, isn't that server in Australia anyway?" (The FreakBoy)
7. Your finger muscles are as big as your biceps. (moepontiac)
6. Your attention span for anything else is as short as a (Smo)
5. You incorporate the words "ping" and "frag" into your drive-thru order at McDonalds. (7-Iron and Bob)
4. You fine tune your character's battle skills to become the ultimate killing machine while your car sits in the garage with 2 flat tires and an oil leak. (Ilsoap)
3. You continually regret not having chosen to be a faery. (Troz)
2. At work ALT+TAB is your best friend. (Hasaki)
1. You find yourself connecting to the internet for an exciting solitaire session. (bigal3)

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