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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Jobs for Bill Clinton After the Presidential Election

(submitted by arf)

10. Wacky commentator on Monday Night Football. (DK)
9. *RING* Hello, my name is Bill Clinton with MCI, and may I take just a moment of your time...? (Bob Clemmons)
8. Investigative reporter for the Howard Stern radio show. (Demolition Man)
7. Center Square. (El Barton)
6. Definition writer for Websters Dictionary. (What the definition of "is" is.) (Jerry Gamblin)
5. Start writing his new book "Politics for dummies". (El Barton)
4. Celebrity spokesman for Trojan. (Maniac Bob)
3. United States Ambassador to national sorority of Delta Gamma. (HotMamaJ)
2. Chairman of the National Wet T-shirt Association (malcolmz)
1. He's *always* got a job back home at the Toot n' Moo, if the uniform still fits. (ANARKIE)

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