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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Exciting Moments of Election 2000

10. Two Words: Lock Box (CML)
9. Watching the Yankees beat the Mets in the presidential debate. (kk)
8. Hearing Bush refer to his running mate as Dickey Didly Doo Cheney. (Steve Weiss)
7. George W. Bush's early campaign comment "Florida? My brother's the governor there. I've got that one in the bag." coming back to haunt him. (Faux Pas)
6. Recounting the judges required for the recount (Dan)
5. The look on Al Gore's face when they took back Florida: Priceless (srp)
4. Well, around midnight I solved a tough game of freecell, but I'm not really sure how exciting that was for everyone else. (Laffman)
3. Ran Rather finally being hauled off in a straightjacket (Geoduck)
2. "You said I won! You admitted it! There's no takesy-backsies!" (HotMamaJ)
1. Palm Beach County Buchannan votes: 3400      Palm Beach County voters that said they voted for Buchannan by mistake: 20,000 (srp)

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