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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Good Things About Having a Moron in the White House

(submitted by juparc chacar)

10. The number of jackasses in the Senate, clowns in the Supreme Court and dunderheads in the House is surprisingly offset. (Clingerpratt)
9. Pesky speeches referring to "deficits" and "affirmative action" are gone....instead, we get told how cool it is to have secret service men moon people from a limo. (dtrane)
8. For the first time ever, we might see the president on "Cops". (juparc chacar (
7. When the President goes out of town, he'll leave the key to the White House in a fake rock by the front door and you can sneak in and have a kegger. (GC3)
6. Don Knotts gets appointed to the Supreme Court. (Clingerpratt)
5. Instead of wasting his time balancing the budget, he'll figure out a way to make Kraft macaroni & cheese even cheesier. (GC3)
4. Saves the trouble of having a complete idiot in the White House. (Ilsoap)
3. One less moron behind the counter at the DMV. (Warlok)
2. Much needed boost to the clip-on necktie industry. (HotMamaJ)
1. Don't have to worry about him getting all Mensa on your ass. (Laffman)

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