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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Not to Include on Your Business Card

(submitted by moepontiac)

10. Prevus job: Proof Reeder (Dizzy XIII)
9. Those darling little bullwhip and handcuff icons (Junkshop Coyote)
8. Managing Director, Offshore Dumping (HotMamaJ)
7. Wanted in 41 States (Timmy Boy)
6. Software Specialist, Experienced in Tomb Raider (ardnax)
5. President of the United States of America (maybe) (anarkie)
4. Meeting your dotcom needs since early last Tuesday (Laffman)
3. Realty, Accounting Services & Paintball Supplies & Lessons (Boscoe the cat and KT the Frog)
2. Discount Ballot Designing (Boscoe the cat and KT the Frog)
1. As seen on Jerry Springer (JRoss)

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