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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Places to Buy Your Christmas Gifts

(submitted by Mr. Bubble)

10. Robert Downey Jr.'s Self Help Bookshop (the pony)
9. All a $Million (nathan)
8. Fat Earl's House O' Scented Candles and Exotic Body Oils (mycousindamianeatshisownboogers)
7. Sticks n' Coal R Us (Geoduck)
6. Bob and Almad's Iraqi Army Surplus Store (IOIO)
5. Obsolete & Unsupported Software Emporium (hra2362)
4. The Salvation Reserve: We get the stuff the Salvation Army doesn't want (Mass. boy )
3. Big Al's 8-Track Emporium (gingerfsh)
2. KKKmart (Gerald Holmes)
1. Sharp n' Pointy: Discount Toys for the Tykes (Katariffic)

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