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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Not to Shop on the Internet

(submitted by dog_boy_B )

10. Save $2 on a shirt, only to pay $5 in shipping, find out it doesn't fit, and pay $5 to ship it back, and $10 in restocking fees. (Steve Weiss)
9. You can't give the elbows to old ladies who block the aisle online. (vipercat)
8. You order a $140 wool sweater and recieve a sheep and some knitting needles. (notreallyfunnybutwhocares)
7. It's just another UPS conspiracy to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (meninbrown)
6. Regular stores don't have the temptation of gambling on cock fighting in Antigua. (TheRob)
5. Disk drive keeps chewing up my credit card. (bluebottle1)
4. When the delivery day comes around, the UPS guy hands you a slip of paper that says "Error 404, cannot find the item you are looking for" (Mr. Bubble)
3. No WAY that pet ferret is going to show up still alive. (Arch)
2. Not as much risk of somebody taking your credit card number and buying $2000 worth of cheese. (Tang Boy)
1. The meat is never as fresh as the pictures make it look. (luvdalists)

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