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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons We Do Not Need A President Anyway

(submitted by uncle bob)

10. Americans are perfectly happy with the flip-a-coin approach to foreign policy.
9. Just look at Cuba and Somalia; they're doing just fine. ((Inevergetchosenanyway))
8. The NRA and Big Tobacco are already doing a fine job of running the country. (Kara Curry)
7. Leno and Letterman can get enouogh material from the Congress. (IOIO)
6. So people don't need to spend $20 million to get a job that pays $200,000 a year. (guillermo)
5. Any major decision can be made by consulting Strom Thurmond's Magic 8 Ball. (The Radical Moderate)
4. More interns for us normal guys. (Warlok)
3. Have already exceeded limit on rich white male authority figures. (Yorick *the original jester*)
2. As long as "The West Wing" is on the air, no one will know the difference. (JMH)
1. Excellent opportunity to sell the White House on eBay! (Maniac Bob)

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