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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Online Date is a Kid

(submitted by Blitz )

10. He owns a dot com company. (MAR)
9. She keeps asking you which Backstreet Boy you resemble most. (Imaginer)
8. You're getting on great and hot with a girl named Samantha. Then all of a sudden the message comes in: "It's past Mary's bedtime; she has to log off now and go to bed." (Ackhack)
7. Says Vanilla Ice was "way before his time." (TheRob)
6. He says going to bed on the first date is OK, as long as he gets the top bunk. (Bob Clemmons)
5. You have to meet at his place because he isn't allowed to cross the street. (spin boy)
4. Your name is Michael Jackson. (Fish)
3. You ask "boxers or briefs?" and he replies "he-man." (heather rhys meyers)
2. He promises to send gifts, but all you keep getting is broken G.I. Joe dolls. (Frost)
1. His response to "I'm in love with you" is "I know you are but what am I?" (Sunfl0wer123)

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