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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Requested in This Year's Letters to Santa

(submitted by bemused_meerkat)

10. A new domain name for C&SITTL (Little Jon, GigaBob,
9. Omnipotence (Janitor Bob)
8. "I just want to know where the bad girls live" (Steven F. Scharff (
7. Cussing Elmo (Deimodius)
6. adollyandatrainandacarandadoggyandakittyandanairplaneand... (AzuriteDragon)
5. "Refunds for my dot-com stocks" (k.a)
4. A Detroit Lions Win (Ron Galos)
3. Nimbus 2000 (Topher)
2. "And this year, Santa, please remember to flush the toilet after you use our bathroom." (Deimodius)
1. A magic wand, to rid the world of all evil "webvertisements" (GigaBob)

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