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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Failed New Year's Resolutions

10. I will learn how to breakdance if it kills me! (El Booya)
9. Making that "first million" with a business. (TheRob)
8. I will not eat chocolate after today...ok today...I promise today I'll really, today!... (I like chocolate!!!)
7. This year, I will only eat *one* Lay's potato chip. (BullFrog)
6. I resolve not to talk loudly on my cell phone....what's that? I'm breaking up? I said "I RESOLVE NOT..." (Dave R)
5. Clean up pesky toxic dump under kids' sandbox in backyard. (Deimodius)
4. To break up with your supermodel Girlfriend because she snores. (Don't you wish)
3. Become President of the United States of America: (Al Gore). (Big Nasty)
2. To get your cousin, who came over at Christmas to leave. (The boy they called Jim)
1. Taking down the Christmas light before Valentine's Day. (Swabby)

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