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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Combine Ground Hog Day with Valentines Day

(submitted by jbray4 )

10. If things go wrong on valentines day, you will be facing 6 more weeks of ice too. (GeekPower)
9. Men look like groundhogs after football season. (Brando)
8. To spawn future generations of groundhogs, why else? (HotMamaJ)
7. Disecting groundhog hearts in Biology: sounds fun! (El Booya)
6. 1 minor holiday + 1 minor holiday = 1 day off work (The A Man)
5. Jewelers can sell gopher shaped diamonds and finally break into the animal-shape market that has been the monopoly of the animal cracker conglomerate. (GC3)
4. Look at how much money you would save on those costly Ground Hog Day cards. (detectorbill)
3. So we could watch the same slasher scenes day after day after day (CDW)
2. `Cause nothin' says lovin' like a large, scared rodent (Deimodius)
1. For the same reason I've decided to combine my wife's birthday with superbowl sunday (don't try it)

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