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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Changes if Texas Ruled the World

(submitted by Faux Pas)

10. Haggis? Beef. Sushi? Beef. Escargos? Beef. Tea? Beef... (not a texan.. can ya tell?)
9. Standard equipment on all cars: air bags, seat belts, and gun racks. (Faux Pas)
8. Yugos with steer horns on the front. (GeekPower)
7. Screw fireworks. On Independence Day, everyone gets to fire their guns in the air. (Faux Pas)
6. Big hats for everyone! (rorschak)
5. Guns. Everywhere, guns. Babies with guns, teachers with guns, milkmen with guns,...everywhere....guns... (dtrane)
4. Maybe we'd finally get some decent-sized burgers around here! (Whatever)
3. Hank Hill would be promoted to "King Of The World" (GC3)
2. "all y'all" is in the dictionary (pazzie)
1. "Beef: It's what's for Breakfast."

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