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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

President Bush's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. People always yelling "Tastes great. Less filling" when he is introduced to a crowd (drewpy)
9. Constant ribbing about bed wetting stories Dad told (Dea)
8. His secret service code name is: dumb ass (El Barton)
7. Lame jokes about appointing an ambassador to Chad (Faux Pas)
6. Those deep fingernail grooves on the edge of the Executive Desk (Chief Excremative Occifer)
5. People who say that his middle initial actually stands for "WASSUUUUUUUP!" (Ilsoap)
4. "Where the heck did all the furniture go?!?"
3. When he thinks he's won a million dollars from Publisher's Clearing House, and it's actually addressed to his dad (Deimodius)
2. Thank you letters from the writers at SNL (Steve Weiss)
1. His dad asks him to bomb Iraq just one last time for him. (Deimodius)

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