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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Discoveries Made by Nasa When They Landed on the Eros Asteroid

(submitted by Ackhack )

10. It has cream filling. (Millionaire)
9. Those giant worm-like creatures from the Empire Strikes Back. (TheRob)
8. Analysis of its composition reveals it is the source of Christmas fruitcakes on earth. (thx1138)
7. In huge letters on the dark side: "Andromeda H.S. '00234223.1 RULES" (Major Tom)
6. Asteroids are actually bits of food from teeth of giant beings on distant planet. (Deimodius)
5. It's more habitable than New Jersey. (Thomas Palsson)
4. A small plaque enscribed with "Copyright 1979, Atari Inc." (Dave R.)
3. The Mars Lander (Dee Tease)
2. Directions to Roswell, NM (slacker)
1. A CBS crew scouting it out for "Survivor 3" (GC3)

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