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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Child Will Grow Up To Be a Lawyer

(submitted by pazzie)

10. He makes you sign all of your promises as contracts. (El Booya)
9. Threatened to sue because you didn't read Miranda before paddling. (pezspam)
8. He keeps referring to time-outs as restraining orders. (kk)
7. His annoying habit of taking notes during an argument. (sexychick)
6. When sent to room for bad behavior, he threatens to win on appeal. (thx1138)
5. Takes you to court because he believes brussel sprouts are a form of child abuse. (Cleo)
4. Claims that mandatory naps are a violation of his civil rights. (HotMamaJ)
3. Lies to parents, gets money from siblings for it. (VISGOTH)
2. Always insists on immunity before telling the truth. (jbray4)
1. Tells you, "I'm not tattling, I'm seeking an indictment." (HotMamaJ)

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