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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons To End A Perfectly Good Relationship

(submitted by Uncle Bob)

10. Her birthday and Valentine's Day are only a week apart. You can get back together in March. (CyberHokie)
9. Because he was absolutely exactly everything you have ever wanted in a man, and that's a sure sign of impending disaster (mrs smith)
8. She had this crazy idea that you'd been listening for the past 8 months. (dtrane)
7. You are sick and tired of having to wash the sheets more than once a year. (sexychick)
6. After three years on the island, she hasn't answered one of your messages-in-a-bottle. (Thursday)
5. He parts his hair to the left. (Diane)
4. Your significant other swore that "Eyes Wide Shut" would be a hit. (Yorgo Synadinos)
3. Your 30 free hours of on-line access are just about up. (Major Tom)
2. Perfectly Good Relationships are *so* Not Goth. (VISGOTH)
1. You meet the family - including her supermodel sister. (Asher)

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