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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Alan Greenspan's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. Briefcase indicator? Nah, it's full of porno. (well wouldya look at that)
9. Third world countries. (vipercat)
8. He can lower the country's interest rates but can't get any better than 2.9% financing on his new car. (bumhut)
7. People that call him about lowering their credit card rates. (The A Man)
6. Newspapers that carelessly print two grocery coupons back to back. (Bob Clemmons)
5. George W. constantly calling him "Mr. Greenjeans." (Gwen Clemmons)
4. All those calls from Clinton asking for help with the budget. (pink bunny)
3. It's considered "unethical" to lower the interest rates just because he's about to buy a house. (DA maNA)
2. Never enough Federal Reserve groupies. (TheRob)
1. He always has to be the banker in Monopoly. (ms julianne)

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