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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Clinton Smuggled out of the White House

(submitted by dtrane)

10. Two words: TOILET PAPER! And I'm pretty sure the salt and pepper shaker caps were unscrewed. (the rappin rapper
9. The entire Lincoln Bedroom (CrazyDave)
8. Drawer full of panties and "The Little Black Book of Intern Applicants". (rorschak)
7. His favorite book, "The Idiot's Guide to Being the President." (gocubs)
6. The painting of Martha Washington in a low-cut dress. (ardnax)
5. The White House Pinball with his highscore. (Wizard)
4. The beaded seat cushion for the Presidential chair. (Gator)
3. That small block of wood that kept the Oval Office desk from wobbling. Boy howdy, will that annoy Bush. (Faux Pas)
2. An extra large notepad of Presidential Pardons, just in case.... (dtrane)
1. Matreshka doll bong given to Reagan by Gorbachev (Dave R.)

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