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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lesser Known Clinton Pardons

(submitted by Bob Clemmons)

10. Socks the Cat - for his little accident in the Oval Office. (Laffman)
9. The guy who designed the Susan B. Anthony dollar. (Ralpho)
8. Jeb Bush for fixing the election. (Codejnki)
7. Himself, for "future indiscretions". (rorschak)
6. Larry Smith, the Dominos Pizza Delivery guy, for 1,356 speeding tickets. (Tristan)
5. Robert Stadenko - Ticonderoga Falls, Minn., immune to prosecution for removing the "Do Not Remove" tag from his Posturpedic "King of ZZZZ's" matress. (Rocket 88)
4. Despite the demands of Mr. Whipple, pardoned several middle-aged housewives that were guilty of squeezing the Charmin. (Fluff)
3. Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty for "Ishtar". (Cahir)
2. While not well known generally, he was notorious amoung waiters and watresses in DC for leaving pre-signed "fill in the blank" pardons instead of gratuities. (Cahir)
1. The "Special Blanket Pardons" to 17 former White House interns, redeemable anytime for anything. (Monica)

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