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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses For Needing A Fifth Year of College

(submitted by dtrane)

10. Necessary to bridge the fourth and sixth years (Cahir, Gator!, JMan, Ackhack)
9. There are three more majors that you haven't tried yet. (HotMamaJ, Major Tom)
8. You promised to marry her as soon as you got out of college, but now that time is just too close for comfort. (Nyperold, Waldo)
7. The rest of the guys at the frat-house had you locked in the closet during half the 3rd year; You need to make up all that you missed. (What the DILLY-O?!)
6. You are hoping that a fifth full year of looking for yourself will reveal something more appealing than you've found in the past four. (Earl 'n Edna)
5. You didn't drink as much as you thought you would have, so it's just gonna take a few semesters longer. (Gator!)
4. If you count the days you actually attended class you're only a 1st semester Sophomore. (One Tough Partier)
3. The small line in the contract that says you gotta leave the dorm room in the condition you found it. (Dan)
2. You want to set the borrowing record for student loans, and you're so close (HotMamaJ)
1. Rethinking your "dot com" major (Alfredo Garcia)

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