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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Work for a .com

(submitted by Codejnki)

10. You showed up in a Yugo, traded it for a ViperGTS after a couple of months, now you're kickin a Razor scooter around... (Psykosis_fc)
9. You mananged to parlay a half-baked idea into a small fortune, and then into abject poverty in less than a week. (Maniac Bob)
8. This year for Christmas you'll give away your stock options to the "bad boys and girls." (
7. You've digested nothing but skittles and jolt cola the last two weeks, and you're labelled "health freak" by your co-workers. (Thomas Palsson)
6. You're riding in a Ferrari on only $2 worth of gas. (jaxblue)
5. Toilet paper in men's room recently replaced with stock certificates. (rorschak)
4. Your net worth has a half-life of one day. (VISGOTH)
3. Staff thinks wacky concepts such as "business plan" and "value proposition" are so "old school". (Dave R)
2. Just traded in your shiny new Beamer for a '78 Gremlin. (TBeeber)
1. You decide to sell 200 shares of your company's stock to get change for the vending machine. (Faux Pas)

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