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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Reality Shows

(submitted by Boom Oy!)

10. The Real World: Sarasota, Florida. We picked 7 Seniors to live in a mobile home. Find out what happens when seniors stop being polite and start getting deaf, ornery, grumpy, and smelly. (DA maNA)
9. Acne wars: 10 teenagers have 10 weeks to get rid of their acne; at the end of each week, the ugliest one gets voted off. (Meesa)
8. Richard Simmons's Sleepover Funhouse (DK)
7. Dinner Warriors: Contestants race to prepare and eat dinner while being bombarded with telemarketing phone calls. Mishandle calls from your mom, boss, or sweetie and you're in the doghouse. (Maniac Bob)
6. Emergency!: 8 people with illnesses try to survive in a hospital emergency waiting room with only one coffee machine, one candy vending machine, and one doctor on staff. (Dr. Dan)
5. The World's Wackiest CPA's (WhipForrest&Jenny!)
4. Microbiology Real World: Seven Strange Bacteria. One Petri Dish (The A Man)
3. Little Brother: Sixteen contestants are locked in the house with annoying seven-year-old who won't stop asking "why?" and "howcum I can't play?" (Flapjack)
2. Don't Sit Down!: An inside look at doctors and the hemorhoids the remove (too embarrassed)
1. Deserted island: Six guys. One nervous goat. (Warlok)

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