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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons You Hate Spring

10. The name is just too perky. (CG)
9. I was just getting used to winter, and Bang! They change it again! (Little Jon)
8. Not quite Christmas, not quite summer. (El Booya)
7. Last autumn's unraked leaves in the lawn looked so much better with a thick blanket of snow over them. (Waldo)
6. Cubs fans start talking smack the first time the team reaches .500 (lefty)
5. Spring egg hunts yield Summer "lost egg" findings. (Bob Clemmons)
4. In Canada it means it's actually warm enough to go out and shovel the snow! (Dan)
3. Neighbor's "Delux Pollen Assortment" flower bed is back. (VISGOTH)
2. I finally got my snowblower fixed. (GC3)
1. Tree sperm is everywhere! (Lazyleaf)

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