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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Mr. Ed's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. Wilbur keeps threatening to take him to the vet & turn him in to 'Just Ed.' (lefty)
9. That "straight from the horse's mouth" line gets old really quick. (bluebottle1, FatNat)
8. People never recognized him for his real accomplishment: "that second place in the Kentucky Derby."
7. When the sound and video get out if sync durung post production (Christy Michelle)
6. Racehorses are put out to stud, but he has to put up with Wilbur Post. (Aaron Hirshberg)
5. Being typecast: He's more than a talking horse, he can also sing and dance and he's working on a novel also. (GC3, Bob Clemmons)
4. Hates playing second fiddle to the Taco Bell chihuahua. (shawn_4_fun)
3. His son John Elway never comes to visit. (Moose)
2. When he gets hoarse, of course, of course. (Waldo)
1. The phrase "pet peeve" (numbersgirl)

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