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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Occupy Your Time While Hiding in the Closet Waiting for that Pesky Tornado to Go By

(submitted by arf)

10. Wonder if your blue polyester jumpsuit with the white belt will ever come back in style (Dan)
9. Promise to go to church every Sunday for the rest of your life (momrey)
8. Check the weather channel on your palm pilot (DA maNA)
7. Contemplate how your life is like an ostrich's (Dave R.)
6. Convert your vacuum-cleaner into a groovy spaceship, complete with coat-hanger-antennas, mothball defense-systems and a cockroach crew; hey, you can even "beam them up" (Pizza Mampf)
5. Call all the pizza resturants in town and see if they'll deliver (Maniac Bob)
4. Say hello to your Uncle Bruce, who's in the closet for a different reason (Politically Incorrect and Impolite)
3. Plug your ears and sing "LALALALA" loudly to drown out your siblings begging to be let in (VISGOTH)
2. Did you set the VCR to tape the big game? (UK)
1. Search through your checkbook to see if your house insurance is paid up (thx1138)

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