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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Church is a Cult

(submitted by Boneless Boy)

10. The preacher is married to the ladies quartet. (Cisko Kid)
9. Donation basket filled with virgins!!! (vipercat)
8. The church bulletin is always advertising real estate in space. (sexychick)
7. Today's Gospel reading is from the Book of Jeff. (Faux Pas)
6. The last wedding had 1500 couples getting married, and only 13 guests. (Ackhack)
5. The flag waving has suddenly turned into book burning, and you were SURE the bible was pretty important.. (oboe dude)
4. Inside the pew Bibles is a price-list for Amway products (Cisko Kid)
3. Communion Wafers referred to as "Jeezits" (tvisgod)
2. Sign in parking lot says "Cult Member Parking Only". (VISGOTH)
1. Once a year was one thing, but now that you're sacrificing virgins at midnight on the 13th of each month, you're getting a little concerned. (kk)

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