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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Moms' Top Ten Mother's Day Peeves

10. Kids raiding the purse and then buying themselves gifts and all she gets is a lousy card made from a napkin from In & Out Burger (Gator - Happy Mom's Day Mom!)
9. Those Victoria's Secret Mother's Day ads: You know those models aren't anyone's mother. (Aaron Hirshberg)
8. Having to spend the day with the kids (the spack)
7. Jimmy still doesn't grasp the idea that Mother's Day starts AFTER 4:00 AM (Topher)
6. "Happy Mother's Day" call from college student child always ends in plea for money (VISGOTH)
5. "Sure it's nice to get flowers, but they eventually die and who has to clean them up, eh?" (rorschak)
4. She'll be sitting at the bar in a club, just starting to get somewhere with this sexy guy, and in the middle of her date, she hears "surprise, mom!!!!" (pazzie)
3. The three pans, four pots, two woks and gravy boat she has to replace thanks to your "Special Two Egg Omelet" you made for her for breakfast (Dan)
2. Children that confuse her holiday with April Fools Day (El Booya)
1. "I gained 40 pounds in nine months and all I got was this lousy kid" T-shirt (theopholis)

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