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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Jobs for Al Gore

(submitted by Big Nasty)

10. Fence Mender. Hey! That's what he said he wanted to do! (Artist Formerly Known As Princess)
9. Inventing more cool stuff like the Internet. (El Barton)
8. Professional stand-in to attend parties, funerals, etc that busy or lazy people don't wish to attend. (He already has the wardrobe). (thx1138)
7. Motivational coach for narcoleptics. (Maniac Bob)
6. Host of "Wonk Out with Al Gore!" where Al reads from selected policy papers and regulatory documents and explains them in clear, highly detailed laymen's terms. (Helps me sleep)
5. Host for the new Fox TV show "Who Wants to Be the President?" (Warlok)
4. "And that, class, is how you can win the popular vote and still loose the election." (captain hair)
3. Celebrity impersonator for Al Gore. (Warlok)
2. Hand counting 4 million Florida ballots. (Ackhack)
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