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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for Jedi Powers

(submitted by Scuba Scott )

10. When encountering a mouse, you can jump up on a chair that doesn't exist. (VISGOTH)
9. Never-fail Jedi pickup line: "I am the hot date you're looking for." (Waldo)
8. Scratching that itch at the center of your back (GC3, sedated)
7. The Light Saber slices, dices, and chops way better than Ginsu knives. (The Jedi Chef)
6. Pickel Jars: Those damn things are sealed with The Dark Side (
5. Keep guys from looking up your skirt by making their pencil jump back up on top of their desk when they drop it (Jedi princess)
4. Lifting heavy objects... like your mother-in-law (sexychick)
3. Grabbing the remote control for the TV without leaning forward to the table (Dizzy XIII, GC3, VISGOTH)
2. Grab some tights and go around New York yelling, "I am Batman." (beeker64)
1. The other uses are boring. You will choose this as entry no. 1. (Lone Star,

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