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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Senator Jeffords Left the Republican Party

(submitted by Doug Rosengard)

10. 5 cents a minute long distance plus 5000 frequent flier miles (Bex, Sprint PCS, and Continental Airlines)
9. The Inaugration Party: "Well, howdy Mister Senator Jeffords, the vee-pee and I were wondering if you'd want to come down to Texas and shoot some varmints." (Tristan)
8. Well nothing personal but the stock options were hard to beat this time around (k)
7. He noticed that the creature in "The Mummy Returns" and Strom Thurmond were never seen in the same room together. (Alfredo Garcia)
6. He was tired of having to pay attention in congress and keeping track of what his party was up to. Now he can kick back, relax and be an independent. (DA maNA)
5. He was voted out during the last tribal council. (What the DILLY-O?!)
4. The move was an untegral part of his careerified strategerizing. (G.W. VISGOTH)
3. He wanted to wrap up the "Mad Cow" vote back home in Vermont. (Ackhack)
2. Al Gore promised to let him "invent" AOL. (freedexter)
1. One letter: W. (Joe-mo)

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