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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Golf on TV

10. Fishing just takes too much energy. (bluebottle1)
9. You're comfortable and the controller is out of reach. (bigal3)
8. Because "Lawn Darts" season just ended. (Alfredo Garcia)
7. Cracks you up to hear golfers being referred to as "athletes". (vipercat)
6. The only other things on the TV is cricket, Extreme Football, reruns of last Olympics, and Oprah. (Dizzy XIII)
5. You wanted to see if your 6"x 8" divots are average. (vipercat)
4. Helps calm you down after a pretty intense game of chess. (Volrath L.O.D.)
3. Doctor recommended you slow down your pace of puttering about the house and napping. (Little Jon)
2. No ushers to "shhh" at you when you go C-R-A-Z-Y after a great shot. (spoofme)
1. To share that avalanche of emotion when the winner sinks that $ 900,000 putt and celebrates by touching the brim of his hat. (Thomas Palsson)

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