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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Don't Want to Discover at Your High School Reunion

(submitted by sexychick )

10. While gazing at the pictures on "The Wall Of Memories" you come to the sad realization that you probably didn't look as "awesome" as you thought you did in your "Hammer pants & fat laced adidas." (G-Nicest)
9. Holding your breath while having sex does not prevent pregnancy. (vipercat)
8. "Oh, so you married Frank? How's his rash doing?" (Tiberius Uhl)
7. Everyone else had made something of thier lives while you're still spending your time on an interactive top ten list. (Troz)
6. You can't remember everything you did, but others can. (Ackhack)
5. Your phone number is still scratched on the wall in the bathroom. (silver girl, A Hopeless Attempt)
4. Your invitation was the only one that said "It's a costume reunion - dress like a cowboy!" (Laffman)
3. Your classmate's "professional escort" is your daughter (VISGOTH)
2. Your classmates were all actors, and you've been living inside a huge dome all your life. (Ackhack)
1. Your old best friend Jim is now the hot young lady you just hit on. (Squeakgator)

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