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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That You Watch Too Much Cartoons

(submitted by Cheeseattack)

10. After they arrest someone on COPS, you get anxious waiting to see if the police will remove the suspects mask and reveal the "real culprit". (Tiberius Uhl)
9. If Acme didn't make it, it's merely second-best. (starWill)
8. You have stickers from all over the world attached to your body from the time your friend tried to get rid of you by shipping you to Australia. (theopholis)
7. You can't run around corners without jumping on one foot and making that screeching sound. (Tom)
6. Your dare-devil attitude, inspired by your belief that no matter how bad the collision/fall/crushing blow, you will simply be able to shake it all off after watching the stars circle your head for a few seconds. (TBeeber)
5. Must chug canned spinach before any physically challenging task. (Ackhack)
4. You believe you can beat any adversary, if only you had a dress, some flypaper, and a soundtrack. (ardnax)
3. You yell out Yabba-Dabba-Doo during sex. (STOWE63)
2. You still wonder why your dog didn't come back after that game of "rocket-discus catch" (Major Tom)
1. You tried to cut a block of cheese into perfect little cubes with one swipe of a tennis racket, but all you accomplished was to break the kitchen window and send a block of cheese into orbit. (JDAii)

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