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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are Reading A Bad Romance Novel

(submitted by Bookworm Bros. )

10. Touted as a " politically charged romantic page turner", the cover art is a picture of "Ross Perot" embracing "Janet Reno" at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial. (G-Nicest)
9. They don't even TRY to make up a cheezy plot to go with the sex. (Squeakgator)
8. Not one sex scene, but alot of praying. (flute fancy)
7. Alfred E. Newman on the cover. (Ackhack)
6. The reviews call it "wholesome". (Moepontiac)
5. The author has run out of synonyms for genatalia after 5 pages. (oh dear)
4. The main characters held hands for the first time on page 687. (SCT)
3. Lance, Pierce, and Rush are employed as both proper names and verbs on every other page. (Major Tom)
2. Fabio is both the cover art *and* the author. (Waldo)
1. Well for starters, he is "liking her sweety, heaving beasts". (Frost)

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