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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're In For A Bad Year At High School

(submitted by Dr. D. Mento)

10. They switched back to those trash cans that freshmen fit into. (artificial intelligence)
9. Your elective is supposed to be Spanish, but your schedule says "Custodial Labor". (What the DILLY-O?!)
8. That kid you beat up over the summer? His dad is the Vice Principal in charge of discipline. (rorschak)
7. First day of class you get homework from your gym teacher to document the history of square dancing. (IceViper9)
6. That senior who stuck your head in the toilet the last two years, flunked...again. (Potty Mouth)
5. Your brand new, cooler-than-ice, car was vandalised, and now reads, 'You are in for a bad year at high school'. (hhj)
4. The nerds have established you as their leader. (xman)
3. Your school mascot is a poodle. (Alfredo Garcia)
2. It's July, and classes start Monday. (Bob Clemmons)
1. Your mom bought your school clothes without your help. (VISGOTH)

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