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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Wile E. Coyote Never Caught the Road Runner

(submitted by Lobo41)

10. He often ditched lab sessions of "Rube Goldberg Devices 104." (VISGOTH)
9. The Acme inventors were the same guys who designed the space station Mir. (Laffman)
8. He feared his HMO wouldn't cover salmonella. (WhipForrest&Jenny!)
7. Due to an abundance of Snickers bars on the set, the weight of Mr. Coyote was higher than normal, and his speed capabilities were slower. (Artist Formerly Known As Princess)
6. Sigma Tau Tau Faternity initiation proceedures require that "the victum shall soil themselves in terror" but expressly forbid any actual injury. (DracoDei)
5. He was more of a stickler for the laws of physics than the Road Runner. (Warlok)
4. It never occurred to him to look into the camera and pop one of those Mentos into his mouth. (DK)
3. The "Sparkling Roadkill" breathspray he used always gave the RoadRunner a headsup. (rottenluckwillie)
2. The Road Runner and the writer were having an affair. (detectorbill)
1. The Road Runner is the majority shareholder of Acme Corporation. (Geoduck)

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