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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Cubicle Seem More Like the Beach

(submitted by Major Tom)

10. If you put your waste basket over your head, you can hear the ocean. (IOIO)
9. Create a CD recording of your kids whining and put it on "repeat." (Moe Pontiac)
8. Add a pound of salt to the water cooler. (Salty Gator!, Lis, alf)
7. 8 foot palm tree made of paperclips (no-lifer)
6. Wear dark sunglasses so you can look at the keyboard without anyone knowing you're looking at the keyboard. (alf)
5. Requisition 400 Terabytes of expansion RAM for your PC, and grind it into sand. (squeezette)
4. Put your chair up on some boxes and blow a whistle really loudly while sitting on it. (Sepiriz, bcs princess)
3. Cover the walls from ceiling to floor with yellow "Post It Notes" and bathe in their opulent golden glow. (G-Nicest)
2. Drink a Diet Coke while gazing at the picture you took of the one and only window in the building. (did you see that commercial?)
1. Have your morning coffee in a coconut cup with one of those cute umbrellas. (G-Nicest)

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