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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Quotes from Sony Pictures' Fictitious Movie Critic

(submitted by HotMamaJ)

10. "The Horse Whisperer" is the feel-good, action packed, date film, family film, adult film, oscar-contender, romantic comedy, shoot-em-up, suspenseful film of the year! (TheRob)
9. Virtually the greatest movie you'll see this week! (daddy don't take no hogwash...)
8. Best movie of the summer! I'd stake my reputation on it! (srp)
7. Three Thumbs Up for "Radioactive Mutants from Mars." (Ilsoap)
6. "...Unbeleivable -- Unreal... too good to be true..." (Major Tom)
5. The greatness of this film is as real as the fact that I am sitting here writing this review! (VISGOTH)
4. 1,2,3,4, I declare a Roger Ebert thumb war." (Bob Clemmons)
3. "If this movie doesn't sweep the Oscars come award time, I'll quit my job!" (Yeldarb)
2. Not even the Playstation 2 is this much fun! (Nyperold)
1. All your movies are belong to us. (Little Jon)

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