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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard at Chelsea Clinton's Graduation

10. " No Daddy! We don't get to keep the podium and all of the chairs." (gustavoman)
9. "Oh! Just like that movie where Drew Barrymore divorced her parents." (bcs princess)
8. "No, I think I'll take a few years off and go to law school before launching my senate campaign." (Ackhack)
7. "Chelsea, your mom and I got you some nice new-looking furnature for your graduation present...No, don't worry, it cost us almost nothing." (What the DILLY-O?!)
6. "I'm sorry your father couldn't be here, honey - restraining order, you know." (Little Jon)
5. "So, whats your dad up to these days?" (JimUK)
4. "Four More Years! Four More Years!" (The Kevinator)
3. "You Go Girl!" [needed something positive] (bcs princess)
2. "Yeah, but she can't get snockered with anywhere near the devastating precision of the Bush sisters." (Rocket88)
1. "Who's Chelsea Clinton?" (ardnax)

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