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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Drop Out of College

(submitted by Sallymania)

10. Sleeping in a desk just isn't that refreshing. (sarcasmic)
9. The new ten percent tax bracket! (Oops I did it again.)
8. Thought you automatically get a Ph.D. if you've paced your associates degree plan over 10 yrs (almost there)
7. Well, George W. said that even 'C' students can be president, and I haven't set my goals THAT high! (squeezette)
6. The Mafia is after you because you "know too much". (Nudeonasoccerfield)
5. PhD in "Top Tenology" from M.I.T. just doesn't earn you the bucks like it use to. (rottenluckwillie)
4. You're projected as the top pick in the English Literature draft. (TheRob)
3. You suddenly realized you could work at McDonalds WITHOUT spending $100,000 getting an English degree. (The Lizard Queen)
2. Your stripping carreer is really taking off. (missyb)
1. After thirty-four semesters, enough is enough. (the_surfacer)

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