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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst College Majors for Career Preparation in the 21st Century

(submitted by The A Man)

10. Midgets' Studies (DK)
9. Hi-Fi Turntable Repairs (Arch)
8. Feudal studies (bluebottle1)
7. Political Ethics (Maniac Bob)
6. The Theological Significance of Philosophical Literature with an emphasis on Sanskrit and the Aramaic Languages (this is practically my major)
5. Drawing, Quartering, Keel-Hauling and Bludgeoning (Glutton for Punishment)
4. Advanced Pornography Theory (Wiggum37)
3. Slide Rule Mathematics (TheRob)
2. "Phrenology: An Alchemists Approach" (Big Sarge)
1. ..and the number one worst college major for the 21st century for the 10th century in a row: English! (Dan i am)

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